Student Banking & ATM Cards


You should set up accounts (checking and savings) at a bank local to your college.  Your accounts should be at the same bank that owns the on-campus ATM so you won’t be charged a service fee for using the ATM.  Also, sign up for online banking.


A checking account is the most important bank account to have in college. Once your account is approved, you can deposit money in your account, or withdraw money from your account (up to your available balance) by visiting any branch of your bank or by using your ATM Card.


If you sign up for online banking, money can be transferred into your checking account from your savings account or from one of your parents’ accounts.  You can take money out of your checking account (up to your available balance) by writing a check, withdrawing money from an ATM, using a Debit Card, or by submitting a withdrawal slip at any branch of your bank during normal business hours.


What to do to set up bank accounts:

1. Call your college and ask which bank owns the on-campus ATM.


2. Set up checking and savings accounts by going to any branch of that bank and fill out required paperwork or login to the bank’s website and submit all required information online. Both students and parents should be on the accounts so parents can deposit money into the account. Both students and parents should have ATM cards with PIN numbers.


3. Features your student account should have include the following:

No minimum balance requirement

Free checking (no monthly service fees)

Free checks

Free check guarantee card or ATM Card / Debit Card

Free online banking services

Overdraft protection


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