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Upcoming Admission Events

Online Applications

November 1

The deadline for most college Early Action and Early Decision applications is November 15; don’t wait until the last day to submit online applications. College applications due November 1 MUST be submitted online by midnight tonight (Eastern Standard Time).

College Search

November 1

Research colleges and universities you may want to apply to.

Strategy for Seniors

November 1

The senior year college application and enrollment strategy makes clear the importance of emphasizing student strengths and uniqueness to set them apart from other student applicants. Review and implement this strategy as indicated during your senior academic year.

Scholarships – Juniors

November 2

Note deadlines for junior year scholarship applications; submit all application materials on time.

College Majors

November 2

Think about selecting a college major.  Consider not only your interests but your skills, talents, and personality.  How will a particular major help you capitalize on your natural talents and interests?

Parents – Help Your Student

November 2

PARENTS – Plan to help your student with the college application, financial aid, and enrollment processes over the next 10 months.  Get informed and prepare to help with the important decisions ahead.

Application Supplements

November 3

Don’t forget to complete any supplemental forms (or Common Application supplement questions and essays) required by each college accepting the Common Application or Universal Application.

College Selection

November 3

After completing your initial college search, review the individual websites of each college of interest for details.  Narrow your selection of colleges of interest to 10 to 12 schools; these will be the colleges you apply to.

SAT Subject Tests – Today

November 8

Take SAT Subject Tests on November 8, 2014 if you want to improve your test scores.

About Us

MyCollegeCalendar (MCC) is a calendar based college admissions counseling program that helps high school students and parents successfully navigate the college search and admissions process.

Our time tested methods, processes and strategies have been used by thousands of students, parents and educators for more than a decade.

MyCollegeCalendar is also used by high school guidance counselors, certified college planners, certified financial planners and independent counselors to supplement their own efforts.

  • No Missed Deadlines!

    You know how they say “timing is everything”? Well MyCollegeCalendar is designed so you meet early, regular or critical application deadlines.

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    Allows Parents to monitor a student’s progress because YOU know what needs to be done and when it needs to be completed.

  • Maximizes students’ potential

    for admission to their college of choice with the most financial aid.

  • Sample Documents

    Resumes, essays, application forms… We give you wonderfully written sample documents to use throughout the year.

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